raw garden carts for sale/Blueberry Punch Refined Live Resin™ 0.5g Cartridge

Raw garden carts for sale:Raw Garden tries to a better quality. It’s for when you need to encounter more. Accomplish more. Commend more. Loosen up additional.

Our items are produced using unadulterated Cannabis blossoms. They are brilliant to taste and are thoroughly tried to the most demanding quality norms, which is the reason Raw Garden is the most trusted and smash hit brand in Cannabis.

Raw Garden high-strength Refined Live Resin THC Vape Cartridges are 100% Cannabis – no added substances, fillers, or counterfeit flavors. Produced using Cannabis bloom developed by Raw Garden in Central California utilizing completely naturally based and Clean Green-guaranteed cultivating methods that is Cryogenically Flash-Frozen quickly at gather. These cartridges are high in THC and contain every one of the regular fragrances, flavors, and terpenes of the great quality source bloom from which they are separated.Blueberry Punch Refined Live Resin™ 0.5g Cartridge

raw garden carts for sale

More about this strain: Blueberry

Blueberry, generally known as DJ Short Blueberry, is an Indica-inclining mixture strain made by amazing raiser DJ Short. The strain was reared by intersection a male Afghani landrace, just a single era eliminated from Afghanistan, with two Thai females — Highland Thai (otherwise known as Juicy Fruit) and Purple Thai — which he asserts delivered basically indistinguishable outcomes.

Blueberry apparently develops medium-to-tall in a 49-multi day blooming period, delivering THC levels that range between 16% to 24%. Best developed indoors,especially utilizing the Sea of Green technique, the strain will in general create better than expected yields of thick, tacky, purple-tinted buds. When restored appropriately, this strain purportedly emits a fragrance and taste that take after new blueberries.

In spite of the fact that DJ Short was the underlying raiser of Blueberry, other seed banks have additionally explored different avenues regarding this strain with extraordinary achievement. For example, a Blueberry strain created by the Noon won Best Indica and best strain by and large in the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup, while another Blueberry strain from Dutch Passion Seed Co. won third spot in the Indica Cup at the 2002 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Blueberry Punch Refined Live Resin™ 0.5g Cartridge

Blue Kush x Beary White x Purple Punch

Indica Dominant


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